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So you think you might be pregnant? 

Below are some symptoms that often (but not always!) indicate a pregnancy.

If you think you might be pregnant and are feeling confused, scared, or overwhelmed, you are not alone. 

The first step to take is to take a pregnancy test. We can provide FREE and CONFIDENTIAL pregnancy tests.



During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes. Some symptoms of early pregnancy include:


  • Missed Period

  • Extreme Fatigue

  • Breast Tenderness

  • Nausea – with or without vomiting

  • Abdominal cramps

  • Frequent urination

  • Mood swings

  • Increased appetite





A pregnancy test is an important tool whether you are trying to become pregnant or are concerned about an unplanned pregnancy. Confirming that you are pregnant as soon as possible can help you make the decisions that are right for you.


  • The pregnancy tests offered by Crossroads are lab-quality and highly sensitive

  • Testing will maintain your privacy

  • You will discover your results during your appointment


If you think you might be pregnant, Call us at 215-538-7003, text us at 215-876-3110, or Make an Appointment for a FREE pregnancy testing.





We offer limited obstetric ultrasound examinations only prior to professional pre-natal care for purposes of confirming an intrauterine pregnancy, detecting fetal heartbeat, and estimating gestational age. (Our ultrasounds are not for the purposes of diagnosing or detecting any medical problem or condition for the baby or client.) 


We care – Call us at 215-538-7003, text us at 215-876-3110, to find out about ultrasound criteria or Make an Appointment



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