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Send an email to encourage your friends to help Crossroads Pregnancy Care by supporting you with their pledge. If you've registered online, you will be able to create a fundraising page. After you create it, you will see a tab that says, "Email Members."

Fundraising page pic - Tabs.PNG

Once you've gone to that page, write your own email to your friends. If you wish, you may copy the Sample Email below and paste it in the message portion. Where it says "Button", type: Walk for Life and 5K. For the url, type in:

To see what you've written, click the "Preview" Button

PLEASE NOTE: On some browsers, the sample email preview on the right may show an error message. Don't worry - your email will still go through (Once you click "Send Emails" you will see a "Your email was successfully sent on the next page, along with the number of emails sent.) 

Beneath that button, you will also see a button to "Add Emails". The instructions should be self-explanatory. You will of course have to be able to generate a .cvs file. (If you have Excel, you can opt to save it in that format.) 

Fundraising 2.PNG

Your email spreadsheet should look something like this: 


Once you upload it, you'll see a dropdown menu that asks you select the field name. Sounds complicated. It isn't. Simply choose "First name", then "Last name", then finally, "Email". Hit submit, and you should see "*** emails successful added". 

All that will be left for you to do now is to "Send Emails" (The righthand button in the lower right, above.)



Hi! On Saturday, October 2nd, I will WALK or RUN FOR LIFE to raise money to benefit Crossroads Pregnancy Care in Quakertown.  Because I believe in the work at Crossroads Pregnancy Care so much, I’m asking for your help.  Thousands of women, teens & families receive free assistance, services, baby items and CARE.  It is such a blessing – and all of their services are FREE!


My goal is to raise $x,xxx for Crossroads.  You can sponsor me for any amount that you want. Most people donate $25 or more. This is a single donation – not a per-mile pledge.  All donations are 100% tax deductible and will help support families in need! To donate online, please click on the button below:


I so appreciate your help. God Bless You! 


**Sign your name**