E-mail programs and Internet Service Providers can easily mistake important messages for junk mail and automatically put them in your junk or spam folder. To ensure the e-mails you've requested are delivered to your inbox, add our e-mail address to your address book. Simply follow the instructions below for your e-mail provider:

Gmail| Yahoo | MSN/Hotmail | Outlook


If you have already received an email from @crossroadspregnancy.care, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open a crossroadspregnancy.care email

  2. Click on More Actions in the nav bar

  3. click on Filter Messages Like These

  4. The Crossroadspregnancy.care domain will appear in the From filter

  5. Click Next Step

  6. Check the box, Never send it to Spam

  7. Click Create Filter


If you have not been able to receive anything from @crossroadspregnancy.care, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Settings icon on the top right of your screen (looks like a gear)

  2. Click on the settings options in the dropdown menu

  3. Click on the Tab, “Filters and Blocked Addresses.”

  4. Click on the Link, “Create a new Filter”

  5. Put @crossroadspregnancy.care in the “From” box, then click on the “Create Filter with this Search” at the bottom of the screen.”

  6. Check the box, “Never send it to spam” and click “Create Filter”

Yahoo Mail uses a combination of bulk mail folders and filters. If you are not receiving your Crossroads emails, check your Bulk Mail, locate the filtered Crossroads email, and choose This is Not Spam next to the 'Sender' field.

Or, to create a filter for subsequent Crossroads email:

  1. In Yahoo Mail, click the Options link on the top-right navigation bar, and then choose More Options

  2. In the left hand side bar of this next page click Filters

  3. To create a new filter, click the Add Filter button on the Filters page

  4. Name your filter

  5. To add your Crossroads email filter, select Sender Contains @crossroadspregnancy.care in the blank dialogue box to the right

  6. Choose the location you want to filter to “ Move to folder Inbox”

  7. Click Save Changes in the nav bar above



  1. In the upper right hand corner, click Options

  2. Click on More Options

  3. Click on Safe and Blocked Senders

  4. Click on Safe Senders

  5. For the Sender to mark safe please enter @crossroadspregnancy.care and click Add to list

  6. Changes are automatically saved


  1. On the Tools menu, click Options

  2. On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click Junk E-mail

  3. Click the Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab

  4. Click Add

  5. In the Enter an e-mail address or Internet domain name to be added to the list box, enter @crossroadspregnancy.care and then click OK

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each name or address that you want to add

To ensure that you receive your Crossroads emails please add the following domain to your safe senders list:   @crossroadspregnancy.care


Adapted from https://community.opentable.com


How to Insure You Receive Emails from Crossroads

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