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Are you a First Time Mom? Busy Mom? Going-Crazy-and-Wondering-How-to-Cope Mom?

Mom’s Group is an opportunity for busy moms to meet, learn and share with other moms. 


All meetings are held at Crossroads; coffee, snacks and FREE CHILD CARE are all provided.  Friends are welcome and you will receive Crossroads Cash for attending!!! 


Meetings are held on the 4th Friday of each month, from 10:00 - 11:30 am, and generally run from the end of September through the end of May each year.  


We care – Call us at 215-538-7003, text us at 215-876-3110, or Make an Appointment



EARN WHILE YOU LEARN (Material Assistance)


Becoming a new Mom or Dad can seem overwhelming at times, both emotionally and economically. 


Our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program is designed to help you bridge the gap from pregnancy to parenthood by providing support, education, and material assistance. Our desire is to provide you with the resources necessary to help meet your needs and the needs of your child during your pregnancy and through the early childhood years. The program is open to all pregnant women and moms having young, pre-school age, children. Dads, you are welcome and encouraged to attend as well!


At each Earn While You Learn session, we seek to provide:


SUPPORT- We understand the concerns that come along with pregnancy or being a new mother or father, and we are dedicated to providing a loving, confidential environment in which you can comfortably share these concerns. Our caring counselors will help you gain the moral support and understanding you need.


EDUCATION - The EWYL program provides education on a wide variety of subjects ranging from pregnancy to parenting. Some of the additional topics covered by this program include:










You will have the opportunity to learn and grow not only as a parent, but individually and spiritually as well.


MATERIAL ASSISTANCE – As an EWYL participant, you will have the opportunity to shop in the “Crossroads Store” using “Crossroads Cash”. This “Cash” is earned as you keep appointments, complete homework assignments, bring a support person with you and in several other ways. Through the generosity of individuals and churches who donate quality used and new items, we are able to keep a well stocked “store” that offers baby clothing, maternity clothing, and often equipment such as car seats and cribs. The center also stocks diapers, wipes, and baby food, all available for “purchase” by EWYL participants.


For those clients who choose not to participate in the EWYL program, we do provide limited and essential supplies such as clothing, diapers, baby food and formula.


We care – Call us at 215-538-7003, text us at 215-876-3110, or Make an Appointment


  • newborn care

  • parent-child relationship

  • car seat safety

  • your child’s development

  • postpartum

  • self esteem

  • conflict resolution

  • ...and many others



  • toilet training

  • child discipline

  • pregnancy/child nutrition

  • budgeting

  • prenatal care

  • your developing baby

  • smoking/drug use

  • bonding with your baby




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