A mature or fertilized egg does not grow any more in size. They are still only 100 microns in diameter, about the width of a strand of human hair. 

Although conception hasn’t happened yet, your body’s getting ready. Here’s how:

  • When you are two weeks pregnant, a new lining in your uterus is developing and thickening to nourish your baby.

  • Your body sends out hormones or chemical signals that release the egg from a follicle in your ovary when the egg is mature.

  • When ovulation occurs, your body releases the egg into the fallopian tube. The hormones at work — estrogen and progesterone — cause your body temperature to increase very slightly. You can track this with a basal body thermometer.

  • Occasionally during ovulation, the ovary produces more than one egg, which can result in fraternal (nonidentical) twins, triplets, or more, if multiple eggs are fertilized.

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