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Abortion Recovery


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Are you feeling pain and guilt from a prior abortion? Have you been holding in grief over the baby you never had? If you are, you are not alone. 


Recent statistics show that just over one in three American women will have an abortion by the time they reach the age of 45.i In the book A Solitary Sorrow, Teri Reisser comments on the “common experience” of abortion but notes that, “hardly any of them talk about it. Women share the most intimate details of their lives with each other…but they choose not to talk about what they experienced during and after the most common medical procedure in America.”ii In 2007, there were over 1,300 abortions in Bucks County alone, and over 36,600 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.iii


Our society has left women few safe places to talk about their post-abortion grief and the realities of the impact it has had on their lives. At Crossroads, we want to be that safe place where you can talk about your feelings about your abortion, and provide that hope and healing you are looking for. 


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In addition to one-on-one counseling sessions, we also offer two Bible study specifically for women and men recovering from an abortion.


For Women

Groups run for eight to twelve weeks and use either the book Forgiven and Set Free by Linda Cochrane, or Surrendering the Secret by Patricia Layton.

Both studies are designed to bring healing to women who have an abortion in their past.


Appropriate Scriptures help women deal with issues such as:

  • relief and denial

  • anger

  • forgiveness

  • depression

  • letting go

  • acceptance

For Men

Another study, done either one-on-one or in a group, helps fathers who want to recover from a past abortion, using the book Healing a Father's Heart by Linda Cochrane..

(From the Back Cover)

According to the authors of this insightful Bible study, abortion inflicts pain on men as well as women. These fathers are "silent, wounded warriors" who are suffering from fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, grief, and depression. Men who have lost a child to abortion often have an unexplainable need to defend their masculinity, causing confusion and strife in their relationships.

This study helps men acknowledge and face their inner turmoil. The authors walk hurting men through the stages of post-abortion stress, helping them move out of denial about the past and into acceptance and forgiveness. Men will learn about God's unchanging, loving character and his desire to forgive them and heal their father-hearts.

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ii Reisser, Teri.  A Solitary Sorrow: Finding Healing & Wholeness after Abortion.  New York: Life Cycle Books, 1999. 

iii "2007 Abortion Statistics”  Pennsylvania Department of Health.  2008. http://www.dsf.health.state.pa.us/health/lib/health/abortion/abortionrept2007_r2.pdf


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